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  • A Vacation Will Help You Live up to 20 Percent Longer
    A study by the State University of New York at Oswego that surveyed 12,000 men between ages 35 and 57,
    found that men who go on vacation every year reduce their overall risk of death by 20 percent.
  • Some Time Away Will Give You More Energy on a Daily Basis
    Experts from the University of Pittsburgh and Radboud University both said that people had more energy
    and felt more satisfied with life on vacation.
  • During a Break from Work is When People Come up With Their Best Ideas
    The author of "How To Succeed In Business Without Working So Damn Hard", Robert Kriegel says that many workers get their best ideas away from work. Los Angeles psychologist, Robert Butterworth told ABC, "The break will allow you to refresh your brain cells."
    Source: CNN Money
  • You Don't Even Have to Go to Reap the Benefits of Getting Away
    Research by a group in the Netherlands showed that just planning a vacation boosted happiness for eight weeks. They found that many of the benefits come before you even actually go on vacation.
    Source: New York Times
  • You Will Save Your Company Money Every Day You are Away
    Christine Hohlbaum, author of The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World, says that workers who forego their vacations are hurting both themselves and the company. They are more likely to get sick, and even when they are physically in the office, they may have already mentally checked out.
    Source: CNN Living